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Resident Researchers

On our invitation, individuals undertaking dance research share their methodologies and insights. Ongoing or completed, research objects are but not limited to performances. They can be moving dance images, Par (Practice as Research), dance theoretical analysis, somatic exploration, among others. Taking advantage of the flexible boundary between online and offline residency in the era of the Internet, Hong Kong dance researchers and their undertakings will bypass the limitation of conventional boundaries and being noticed by their international peers.

A resident researcher is:

  1. A Hong Kong-based dancer, choreographer or dance researcher on the invitation of ‘Hong Kong Dance Research’;

  2. Engaged in research undertaking the theme and methodology of which are sustainable and potentially expandable;

  3. Demonstrating serious interest in Hong Kong in the research;

  4. Eloquent in the objective, problematics, methodology, and process of the research.


The content of research materials in this section has been reviewed by ‘Hong Kong Dance Research’ and is displayed in the original language of material submission.


Dong Xianliang a.k.a. Dong Yan

I regard myself a researcher as well as a theatre practitioner. Trained in the fields of history, literature, cultural studies and performing arts, I received my PhD in Chinese and History from the City University of Hong Kong.


Terry Tsang

My wish is changing my brain into a USB stick with unlimited storage, while my right eye is a camera and left eye is a projector. So to record different body motions from my daily observation, and these will all become the materials of my dance creation. Then, I will go to different corners of the world, turn on my left eye and project my thoughts fearlessly.

Resident Researchers Dong Yan and Terry Tsang discuss their research interest, objectives, and how they imagine their residency.

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