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Terry Tsang


My wish is changing my brain into a USB stick with unlimited storage, while my right eye is a camera and left eye is a projector. So to record different body motions from my daily observation, and these will all become the materials of my dance creation. Then, I will go to different corners of the world, turn on my left eye and project my thoughts fearlessly.


Nominee of Hong Kong Dance Awards 2019 Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer. Terry’s recent work “Mo Ngaan Tai” is presented by the Cultural Presentations Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) in 2019, and shortly after the premiere, the work was invited to present at City Contemporary Dance Festival and H.D.X. International Festival in Hong Kong. “Mo Ngaan Tai” has also been scheduled to present at Want To Dance Festival (Taiwan), Kuandu Arts Festival (Taiwan) and Armunia-Festival Inequilibrio (Italy) in 2020 and 2021.


Terry had been traveled to different countries to perform and take part in cultural exchange along with CCDC, including Norway, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In 2012 and 2013, Terry received CCDC Dance Centre Training scholarship and his works “Exotic Territory” and “Voice·Gravity” were presented at the Beijing Dance Festival and the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival.


Apart from overseas touring, Terry is also a locally active choreographer. “Exotic Territory” was invited to restage at E-Side Dance Company in 2014. In 2016, He choreographed “Hide · Flee” at Dancers’ Homework by CCDC, and was invited by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance to perform his solo piece “Sole” at the 18th Hong Kong Dance Awards in the same year. He presented “Trinity” at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series by Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2017, and “Terry-fy” at the Dancers’ Homework by CCDC in 2019.


In recent years, I am devoted into dance photography by establishing photo_t.jj, and explores the possibilities and variance of body movements.

Photo by Lee Wai Leung
The researches:
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