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Hong Kong
Dance Overview 2020

Supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Overview is an annual, bilingual collection of research-based essays that discuss significant issues and incidents of the Hong Kong dance.


The essay explores the integration of dance and digital technology and analyses how in some cases technology has intervened in experiments and experienced different processes and outcomes, shaping a new paradigm for the future of moving images through and in conjunction with dance creation.

Kim reviews the state of society and the dance scene in 2020, noting the emerging trend of online dance representations, and tries to clarify the definition of dance archives and point out how existing archives in Hong Kong affect dance creation, illustrating with several case studies how some dance creations presented online in Hong Kong in 2020 interacted with archival material.

Using the art education concept and research carried out in local schools at the beginning of the millennium as her analytical framework, Cheung revisits the exploration and study framework of drama and dance education, so as to discuss the possibilities of local development of dance education.


A collection of 2020 reviews of seventeen individual/institutional practitioners, offering a general portrait of the industry studded with individual details that give the narrative a three-dimensional quality.

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