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Hong Kong
Dance Overview 2020

Supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Overview is an annual, bilingual collection of research-based essays that discuss significant issues and incidents of the Hong Kong dance.


Editor and Administration Coordinator: Chan Wai-ki Felix

Editor and Executive Editor (English version): Lee Hoi-yin Joanna

Executive Editor (Chinese version):  Miu Law

Translators:  Dorothy Cheung, Lau Wai-kuen Caddie, Lee Wan-ling Mary

Proof-readers: Miu Law, Lee Hoi-yin Joanna

Graphic Design and Typeset: Felixism Creation

Publisher: Felixism Creation


All rights reserved. Large-scale quotation, copying and reproduction for commercial purpose is considered infringement of copyright. When such situation arises, the Editorial Team reserves the right to take legal action against involved individuals and/or organisations.


We are thankful to the following individuals and organisations for their support and assistance in the publication of Hong Kong Dance Overview 2020 (in last name/ organisation name alphabetical order):

Rain Chan

Chan Wai-lok

Alfonse Chiu

Marco Chiu

Aman Choy

Ziv Chun

Dong Yan

Julianna Ho

Vincent Ip

Tiffany Ko

Dora Lai

Lau Pak-hong

Joseph Lee

Melissa Leung

Michael Li

Sudhee Liao

Andy Lo

Mimi Lo

Frieda Luk

Alice Ma

Victor Ma

Nigel Ng

Ong Yonglock

Noel Pong

Zelia Tan

Ivy Tsui

Jack Wong

Valerie Wong

Catherine Yau


BEYOND Bollywood

Unlock Dancing Plaza


And all who have contributed to submissions, case studies and interviews.

Supported by
Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.
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