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Chan Wai-ki Felix


Theatre curator, illustrator and art critic based in Hong Kong, Taiwan and London. Founder of FELIXISM CREATION, a company that produces creatively and culturally hybrid work of theatre, critical writing and illustration. He has obtained his Master's Degree in Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship (Theatre & Performance Pathway) at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2018-19, supported by the scholarship from Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2017). He is a receiver of Award for Young Artist (Arts Criticism), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015 by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. He is part of the jury panel of The Hong Kong Theatre Libre Award. His recent theatre curations (selected): TOGETHER, a digital immersive theatre by Factory Irregular (Prague Quadrennial 2019); Happily Ever After Nuclear Explosion (2019), Goldfish of Berlin (2019), The Histories and Their Lovers (2018) and A Concise History of Future (New Vision Arts Festival 2016) by Reframe Theatre; Stream of Consciousness (2018), an immersive theatre by Fringe Club; The Nether (2017) by Paprika Studio; Between In and Out (2017) and Somewhere Out There (International Theatre Festival by National Theater & Concert Hall [Taiwan], 2016) by Mobius Strip Theatre, The Sorrows of Young Yat Sum (International Arts Carnival 2015) by Ricochet Ensemble, among others. 

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